Hi there! I’m Anna McKeeth and I’m 11 yrs old (almost 12). I love all things arts and crafts. I also love dragons, climbing trees and soup. I love making things out of paper including scenes, origami, toys and figurines. I enjoy working on this website and making progress with my mom, Hollie. I have lots of friends and all of them have helped me be inspired to create art and keep going. My friends are all over the place and some much older than I am! I don’t love math, dishonesty, unfairness or mean people.

I wanted to be a part of this website because I saw my mom working hard and I felt left out. I shared my feelings of wanting to be involved and she said yes! I started working and well, here I am!

Some of my goals are: earn enough money to pay for college, food and my own home. I want to have a job I love doing everyday. I also want to be able to help others who need help by buying medicine and basic things for everyday needs. I also want to help by rescuing animals and donating to charities.

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