Photo Credit: Jenfolio

Photo Credit: Jenfolio

Hey there! I’m Hollie McKeeth. I’m a hand lettering artist and a self-developed designer of all things creative. I LOVE sharing my art and creativity with friends. So thanks for stopping by! I love having friends and being a friend. If you are a little unsure about this budding relationship feel free to learn a little more about me before you commit. 😉

I’m the oldest of 8 kids. My parents, all my siblings and their spouses are all creative and artistic in their own ways. This also includes my extended family on my husband’s side. Yes, together we are quite the bunch. They all offer so much to learn from. I’m thankful for all the exchanges, support and love they offer.

With a start in life of humble beginnings, my siblings and I were always taught to hustle be industrious and self-reliant for anything we wanted or thought we needed. This training as young entrepreneur gave me a great sense of pride and accomplishment.

My first business came when I was 8. With a day of instruction at the sewing machine, spent with the coolest of moms, I began to design and construct scrunchies (remember those?) and wire wrapped ribbon hair bows. My clientele consisted of interacting with anyone who was interested even the littlest bit. This mainly consisted of the beloved lunch ladies who would serve us delicious, free summer lunch in the parks and elementary schools.

My love for creating and designing runs as deep as I can remember. I have always loved color, art, crafts, music, typography and words, written and spoken. As soon I learned to perfect my penmanship in elementary school, I began playing with fonts, written notes, and posters.

Fast forward a little bit. My friend, Natalie (, invited me to participate in a brush lettering class. I was instantly hooked and was ravenous for knowledge and technique with anything pertaining to hand lettering. Since then, I haven’t stopped! I’ve proceeded to take classes and gather all the information I can. My favorite classes have been from: Teela Cunningham, Amanda Arneill and Karlee Porter ( Since that first class, I continually strive to learn and grow each day. This mostly comes from practice, practice, practice and practice!

As days pass, I have had the great opportunity to create on an ever-widening horizon of avenues. I’m always looking for ways to expand my knowledge and skill set. I rely so much on my faith, testimony and my relationship with my Savior to realize and fulfill my potential as a daughter of God. I was created to create. Some creative things “in the works” are: increased variety to this site’s art library, a coloring book, teaching/workshop opportunities.

I am married to Jared, he is my best friend and supporter of all my crazy ideas. My favorite thing is that he makes me laugh EVERYDAY! Gosh, he’s just so great. We are so happy together. We have two wonderful kids, Logan and Anna. Logan is so sweet and caring and is super excited about me having an actual website. His dream is to have his own company and website. Anna is a dynamic force, extremely creative and my partner in all things artistic. Watch for her designs coming soon! Can’t forget the family dog, Chassis (Chas-see). She is a schnoodle (schnauzer/poodle mix). We adopted her from a shelter and couldn’t have lucked out more. She is the perfect companion for our family.

We currently reside in Utah and love all it has to offer! If you haven’t been to visit Utah before put it on your bucket list and pencil me in for a visit!