So I’m kinda addicted to learning, I love it. I would love to be an official student forever. But I’m cheap and so I look for much more affordable options than a university. There are so many avenues to learn, some more structured than others. I enjoy a class setting and the structure it offers.

One of my favorite avenues of classes has been Skillshare is an online community that offers a huge variety (10,000) of classes. I started out with the $0.99 three month trial, you can get this deal from a current premium member (link below). Everything is work at your own pace. During that time, I took classes on hand lettering, pasta making, baking, sewing pillow covers, interior decorating and arm knitting. These are just a few of the things I am interested in. I shared my account with my kids. Logan took a class on website and game design, Anna mastered the arm knitting class and made scarves for everyone in the family.

Once my three months was up, I renewed and now have a long list of classes I want to and will complete such as: Photoshop for beginners, making macaroons, watercolor, garden art, table top game design and crafting with leather. I love the variety!

I think learning keeps our minds sharp and our creative muscles strong. I encourage you to try it out! There is something for everyone in the family. Here is the link to: Try it for 3 months of the Skillshare Premium for $0.99

*Skillshare does offer some free classes. The Premium account gives you access to all the classes. You can saved classes you want to enroll in the future and you can upload projects to each class forum.

*I was not paid for advertising for Skillshare, I just think they are awesome.

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