Created to Create

The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul. No matter our talents, education, backgrounds, or abilities, we each have an inherent wish to create something that did not exist before. Created to create. That is me. I find so much personal joy in creating and thoroughly enjoy experiencing and seeing what others create. There are so many things and ideas to contribute. Naturally, sharing creativity, connects us together. I want to share what brings me joy!

Recently I heard of a conversation where someone thought that I was stealing someone’s idea of having a blog/business by me starting my website/business because she had introduced me to handlettering. During this conversation my friend Natalie was so wise in saying “There is always room for another blog” or ( ____.) There is room for everyone! We ALL bring something to the table. There is space for ME. There is room for YOU. Aside from judgements on my part and anyone else’s part, it made me reflect on my WHY. WHY even spend the time, money, energy and practice? WHY? WHY? WHY do _____?

Creation brings deep satisfaction and fulfillment. My why. Really….this makes me happy, this fulfills me. Because I am taking the time for me; to connect with myself, connect with my Savior and my path in becoming who I am supposed to be. It brings me joy and helps me be better than yesterday. In the end doing my best is enough. I cannot worry beyond my efforts.

Everyone can create. You don’t need money, position, or influence in order to create something of substance or beauty….Don’t let fear of failure discourage you. Don’t let the voice of critics paralyze you—whether that voice comes from the outside or the inside.I think so many of us discredit our efforts thinking because they are not the same as others they are not great. This is wrong. I think your beautiful, well-thought-out, amazing, life-saving spreadsheet is art! It is a different than the traditional performing or visual art but do not discredit your efforts and your creation! You created! You contributed! You put it out there, well done.

There is another saying that I have come across and that is Community Not Competition. Think how much we could flourish on an individual level and bless the lives of others if this were our focus? Aren’t we all here to make the world a better place? I encourage you to lift others up and encourage them in their endeavors to be creative. Maya Angelou once said “ You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” Well said Maya, well said. Now go use your creativity!

Happiness, Your Heritage – President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

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